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The father angrily told his child, "Just because you are sick does not mean you can just sit around all day.  At the very least, you can tend to the pear garden." The seasonal changes from summer to autumn bore many strong winds and many unripe pears were blown off branches and fell to the ground. The farmer thought to himself "If we cook up the pears and eat them, we can save some rice and sell the rice to turn a profit for losing the pears."Pears

The family ate pears every day.  After some time passed, the child happened to run into a docotor while veturing outside. The doctor, who had seen the child before, noticed that his color had vastly improved and his pulse wa strong with vigor. He was baffled as to how the child got well and asked what kind of medicine he was taking.  The child refuled to acknowledge his father, stating that he would never spend money to buy medicine for his child and mentioned that he had to eat pears every day beccause of their financia situation.  The doctor was surprised that he ate pears for his meals and continued to interrogate him.  Hypothesizing that the effects of the pears could be the reason why the child's illness receded, the doctor went to the farmer's house the next day to purchase pears.  he prescribed the fruit to patients with respiratory disorders, telling them to cook and eat the pears.  After a month passed, eash of the patients showed improvement.

Due to the fact that fresh pears don't lat very long, the doctor concocted a pear paste over a low flame wo that his patients could use it over longer periosds of time.  As half a year passed, all of the patients with lung ailments completely recovered, and it was from then on that people knew pears could be use to treat lung problems.

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