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If you have a healthy animal and you are switching to our practice for routine care, please have your pet's health record available for your first appointment.



Your First Visit

Your first visit will likely take between 90 minutes and 2 hours, especially if acupuncture or other treatment is performed. This is one-on-one time, during which Dr Heather will conduct two full physical exams - both a western physical exam and a TCVM exam.  The Western Physical Examination you are likely familiar with and includes weight, temperature, listening to heart and lungs and feeling the abdomen.  The TCVM exam inlcudes checking tongue color and coating, ear and body temperature, pulse quality, and feeling for reactive Shu-Points.  Dr Heather will review prior health records and you will also get a full food/diet consultation for your pet.  You and Dr Heather will discuss the various treatment options and approaches that might be appropriate for your pet.

Unlike most veterinary practices, which only allow 15 or 20 minutes per visit, our longer visits are designed to insure that we obtain a full picture of your animal’s health. We can then form a comprehensive plan, and fully explain the testing and treatments we are recommending.

We talk about a lot of different things during your first appointment, so you might want to consider taking notes during the appointment. If you have questions you specifically want answered or goals you want to meet for your pet , please write them down before the appointment so you and Dr Heather can be sure and discuss these as part of the appointment. 



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