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Laser therapy is a form of treatment using a noninvasive, light-emitting, medical device. Lasers are approved by the FDA for the treatment of a variety of soft and connective tissue disorders as well as certain neurological disorders. The laser that we use at Zen Animal Wellness is a low energy laser also known as a “cold laser.” In contrast to general surgical or cosmetic lasers that produce heat and thermo-destructive laser energy, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) produces no harm to tissue in normal use. Cold lasers used in LLLT have been in medical use for over 30 years and have a long record of successful clinical studies demonstrating medical efficacy and safety.



Studies have shown that by acting on certain light sensitive biological receptors called chromophores in the body, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has demonstrated the ability to significantly accelerate and enhance the body’s natural defense and repair components in the presence of injury, inflammation and certain disease processes. Studies have also shown that by modifying the effects and limiting the duration of inflammation as well as enhancing specific repair and healing processes, LLLT is consistent in providing pain relief, reducing injury damage and loss of function, in addition to facilitating more rapid repair and stronger healed tissue structures. Multiple clinical studies have noted the following results of LLLT: 

• Increased collagen production
• Enhanced nerve regeneration
• Increased vasodilation
• Reduced inflammatory duration
• Increased cell metabolism
• Increased pain threshold
• Reduced edema
• Increased microcirculation
• Increased tissue and bone repair
• Increased lymphatic response
• Increased enzyme response


Studies show that as light receptive chromophores in various tissues are treated with coherent laser light, energy transfers occur that stimulate more active levels of function and increased interaction. Laser light, penetrating much deeper than other light wave forms, activates increased mitochondrial ATP synthesis, produces increased mast cell inflammatory mitigation and stimulates increased Calcium ion presence and beneficial reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. 
Through the action of photo bio-stimulation, oxidative metabolism is increased. Lasers stimulate increased endorphin release and increased prostaglandin synthesis. As a result of the powerful effect photostimulated enzymes exert in the body, both localized and systemic cascade reactions occur that result in immunomodulation and inflammatory mitigation. Damaged skeletal, connective and neurological tissues and structures react with enhanced healing in the presence of low level laser light as collagen synthesis and production, satellite cell presence and cellular metabolism are increased and vascular, lymphatic, and enzyme activity are increased.
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Do you think that acupuncture is only good for older pets or pets with chronic problems? Think again...imbalances develop long before symptoms appear. Watch the video below to learn more.

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